Paws for Thought: The Inspiration Behind 'Tails From the Road'

This collection was inspired by our love of travel. Not just the adventures missed in the last year or all the fun we have planned once things return to normal. In fact, this collection is a love letter to travel, in all shapes and forms, even within our own gorgeous country. 

From our beautiful beaches, to long and scenic winding road, we wanted this collection to represent adventure as a whole. For us, 'Tails From the Road' is about rediscovering that love for adventure, wherever the road may take you. 

For many of us, it's not about where we're going but who we're with, and in many cases, our best travel companion is our four-legged fur-ends. 

The focus of this pattern was fun, adventure, and that sense of wanderlust. It's a vibrant pattern that we feel throroughly encapsulates all this and we hope you and your pooch will truly love.



Nicole, Elaine, & Fred

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