Paws for Thought: The Inspiration Behind 'Only 90s Kids Will Remember'

We'll fight anyone who says the 90s wasn't the best time to grow up. 

Tomagotchis, friendship bracelets, the outlandish fashion. We sometimes wonder if our mothers were purposely trying to incorporate every colour of the rainbow into every outfit. 

We're both 90s kids and while our dogs aren't we think there's no better way to pay homage to our favourite era than with these bright, juicy pops of colours along with both friendship bracelets and necklaces- this collection is the ultimate throwback.

The collection pays homage to some of our favourite things from the 90s, with cheesy pop and classic movies: 

Viva Fur-Ever (a luscious hot pink, inspired by the trend setters the Spice Girls)

You've Got a Fur-end in Me (a gorgeously fresh blue, inspired by the title track of one of our favourite childhood movies,'Toy Story')

Obviously our dogs are our best fur-ends and we think the whole world should know! This gorgeous hues of pinks and blues are the ultimate pup-date to your pets' wardrobes. 


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