Meet Niamh McKeown of NiamhEile Design.


When we began developing Fred & Ginger, we knew immediately that we wanted to collaborate with some of Ireland's brightest artistic talent.

Niamh McKeown was a natural choice for our first collection. It is clear that her illustrations are lovingly designed and we were drawn to her attention to detail. Elaine was already a big fan of her work but, when we found out that Niamh was a fellow dog person, we knew that she was the perfect collaborator for our "passion project". 
When Fred was a tiny puppy, friends and family joked that his huge ears made him look more like a rabbit than a dog. "Some Bunny Loves You" is inspired by those early days and was designed to add a burst of brightness to your dog's wardrobe, in celebration of spring's arrival. We felt this that was particularly apt in circumstances wherein we find ourselves waving goodbye to a winter spent in "lockdown", due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Throughout the design, Niamh incorporated elements of spring and Easter, but we think that the pattern is wearable all year round. When it came to this collection, we wanted our customer to be able to have their (carrot) cake and eat it too! 

A little bit about Niamh herself in her own words:

'My name is Niamh McKeown and I’m a Freelance Illustrator from Dublin, Ireland. I specialise in Irish Greeting Cards, Prints and Product Design. The style of illustration that I focus on is highly detailed, colourful design. My inspiration stems from influential figures and I continue to experiment with different colour palettes from different eras, to create a wide variety of designs. Irish themed greeting cards are a large part of my business and I try to tap into ‘Irishisms’ and traditional 'Irish sayings'.


If you love Niamh's work as much as we do, be sure to check her out on her website here.


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